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Friday, February 2, 2024

Lake Minnetonka Guided Fishing Trips

The 2024 open water season on Lake Minnetonka is here. We provide everything you need to have a successful time out on the water. Whether you're looking to take the family out, friends, or clients we can accommodate all your fishing needs!  Multi-species fishing on Lake Minnetonka is what we specialize in.  From toothy critters to panfish we can put you on the fish and guarantee a great time out on the water. In cooperation with Schroeder's Guiding Service. Click on the the link for more information. 

Your Guide:
Mike has 20 years of fishing experience on Lake Minnetonka fishing for all species of fish. Mike spends 4-5 days on the water and stays on top of fish location and the recent trends.  Let me share my passion for fishing with you! 

If you would like to read more about me I was featured in the April 2019 Lake Minnetonka magazine. Here is the link:

Corporate Groups:
Whether you are the serious fisherman, just want to get out with the family, or have clients you want to get out on the water we accommodate all levels of fishing experience.  From individual trips up to 4 people to large corporate events we can make your day a fun and exciting time on the water. 

For updated fishing reports click on my facebook link at the bottom of the page.                    

Saturday, March 2, 2019

What We Catch

Largemouth Bass

Lake Minnetonka is an outstanding bass lake.  Many bass tournaments are held on the lake each year. From late May into October bass fishing on Lake Minnetonka provides plenty of action. There are an abundant of bass from 2-4 lbs and many bass in the 5lb and up range.  Bass can be found throughout the entire lake from lilly pads to docks you can find fish eager to tug on your line.   Smallmouth bass can also be found in the lake as well as rock bass. 

What We Catch

Northern Pike and Musky

Lake Minnetonka Northern Pike

Lake Minnetonka has a great northern pike population.  In a recent DNR lake study, “Lake Minnetonka lacks the small hammer handle fish”. Most fish sampled were between 20 -29 inches. Many 3-5lb fish can be caught and it is not uncommon to land a fish over 30 inches long. These fish can be found throughout the lake from the shallows to the deeper weed lines.  They are aggressive fish that provide a great fight that keeps you coming back for more. 

Lake Minnetonka Musky

Lake Minnetonka is a quality musky lake.  Even though the muskellunge is one of the largest and toughest fish that swims Lake Minnetonka provides every angler the chance to land a trophy fish.  Many fish exceeding 50 inches and 40lbs are caught in the lake every year.  Practicing CPR (catch, photo, and release) will help keep the trophy population for years to 

What We Catch

Walleye and Panfish

Lake Minnetonka Walleye 

Lake Minnetonka is stocked with walleye every other year.  The state fish (walleye) can be found throughout the lake on rocks, along deep weedlines and shallow during low light periods.  Spring and fall fishing are great times to set out in search of our state fish. During winter months walleyes can be a great target through the ice. 

                                                                   Lake Minnetonka Panfish

From crappies, sunfish, and bluegills Lake Minnetonka provides year round exciting fishing for these species of fish.  Crappies and bluegills may not be the state fish, however they are caught most often.  Crappies are fun and easy to catch and provide wonderful tasting fillets.  There are two types of crappies found in Lake Minnetonka.  The black and the white crappie. Black crappies are more common in Lake Minnetonka.  Both types travel in schools and feed on small fish and insects.  In the spring from ice out until they spawn crappies can be found in the shallows.  Small jigs and crappie minnows are a sure bet to catching these great fish.  Lake Minnetonka is full of sunfish.  From bluegills to pumpkinseed these fish can be found roaming the shallows and weeds throughout the summer months. In winter during ice fishing it’s not uncommon to find a large school of these fish in deeper water where you could catch a hundred fish in a day.