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Panfish Fishing

                                                        Lake Minnetonka Panfish

From crappies, sunfish, and bluegills Lake Minnetonka provides year round exciting fishing for these species of fish.  Crappies and bluegills may not be the state fish, however they are caught most often.  Crappies are fun and easy to catch and provide wonderful tasting fillets.  There are two types of crappies found in Lake Minnetonka.  The black and the white crappie. Black crappies are more common in Lake Minnetonka.  Both types travel in schools and feed on small fish and insects.  In the spring from ice out until they spawn crappies can be found in the shallows.  Small jigs and crappie minnows are a sure bet to catching these great fish.  Lake Minnetonka is full of sunfish.  From bluegills to pumpkinseed these fish can be found roaming the shallows and weeds throughout the summer months. In winter during ice fishing it’s not uncommon to find a large school of these fish in deeper water where you could catch a hundred fish in a day. 

STATE RECORDSCrappie, Black: 5 pounds 0 ounces, 21 inches, Vermillion River (Dakota County), 1940.Crappie, White: 3 pounds, 15 ounces, 18 inches, Lake Constance (Wright County), 07/28/2002.